In addition to the Glen Park Whites and Ultra Whites, a commercial operation is run on Glen Esk Station. A flock of 1000 commercial ewes are run. Lambs are sold over the hook or through Ouyen Livestock Exchange. This flock enables us to see how our genetics perform in a pastoral environment.


To fill a "From Nature Pastoral Company" lamb order, 80 Glen Park commercial lambs were counted through the gate from a mob of 450. 41 were slaughtered for an average carcass weight of 22.66kg. The remaining 39 were put into a native pasture paddock with 150 weaners. These were mustered for slaughter for an average carcass weight of 27.07kg. With no supplementary feeding the second group gained 4.41kg carcass weight or 220 grams per day weight gain.

In the butchers words

'there was no waste, and they cut out magnificently'.

Many thanks to Greg Carter, Quality Assurance Manager, 'From Nature Pastoral Company Pty Ltd', for the informative carcase yield and costing spreadsheet of a 28kg Glen Park lamb, and the photos of the finished product.