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Easy care, structurally correct sheep that have the ability to walk long distances, require minimal maintenance, having high lambing percentages and excellent fodder to meat conversion rates.

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The breeding focus changed in 2014 when Ultra White genetics were introduced from Hillcroft Farms in Western Australia. A line of sheep are now bred at Glen Esk Station that are predominantly Ultra White genetics over Glen Park White Dorper Ewes. These are known as Glen Park Whites and are a composite breed.

All sheep bred and raised on Glen Esk Station are run under extensive rangelands conditions allowing for natural selection for feed utilization and mothering. These conditions make them hardy and adaptable to seasonal variations and excellent meat producers under all conditions. Ram lambs are weaned onto an electric fence, allowing them to develop some respect for fences, helping with their management.



Due to the demand for a shedding sheep with extra frame and structural correctness, lines of Ultra White composites (Known as Glen Park Whites) and pure Ultra White sheep are being bred on Glen Esk Station.

In 2014 Glen Park purchased the top priced ram at the Hillcroft Farms on property Ultra White Sale. Another ram was purchased in 2015. At the 2016 Hillcroft Farms sale a further seven sires were purchased. Since then numerous sires have been purchased carrying Ultra White genetics. Glen Park joined approximately 1000 White Dorper Ewes to Ultra Whites, to lamb in 2017. 

In addition, 100 Pure Bred Ultra White ewes have been purchased in 2021 to join the foundation 50 pure bred ewes that were purchased and mated to produce the first purebred Ultra Whites at Glen Park in June 2017. We currently have over 400 Pure Bred Ultra White Ewes in our breeding program.

The Ultra White is a shedding breed developed by Dawson Bradford of Hillcroft Farms, that is stabilised at 75% White Dorper and 25% Poll Dorset.


Currently the Glen Park Whites are carrying 87.5% White Dorper and 12.5% Poll Dorset. 



In 2002, Glen Park purchased stud White Dorper rams and ewes with a view to establishing a White Dorper Stud. This decision was based upon the strong market demand for meat sheep, which thrive in the pastoral environment of South Western New South Wales.

In 2006 the decision was made to discontinue the Merino Stud and concentrate on the Poll Merino Stud and the White Dorpers.  In 2012 the Poll Merino stud was sold in its entirety to D & H Dalla, Orrie Cowie Studs Warooka SA. 

The Glen Park White Dorper Stud was registered in 2003. Currently the 1500 stud bred ewes are the foundation of the Glen Park Whites flock.


Glen Esk Station was purchased in 1994. It is a 25,000 hectare pastoral property in South Western NSW, with an annual rainfall between 220 and 230mm. The homestead is situated 40 km’s North of Wentworth, on the banks of the Great Anabranch of the Darling River.

Glen Esk Station is the home of Glen Park Whites and Ultra Whites

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In 2014 Glen Park purchased the top priced ram at the Hillcroft Farms on-property Ultra White sale.
Another ram was purchased in 2015. In 2016 a further seven sires were purchased. 

Since then many rams have been purchased with Ultra White genetics.

New genetics to be introduced into the Glen Park 2021/2022 breeding program, purchased in September 2021 include:

Bulmar 200250 purchased in partnership with Australis White Dorper for $10,000

Bellowrie 63, purchased at the Dubbo National Sale 2021

Bulmar 28, purchased at the Cobar Ram Sale 2021

Kaya 538, purchased at the Dubbo National Sale 2021

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